This August I took my first trip over the pond to Italy and Belgium. I started my trip on the Island of Sardinia off the west coast of Italy to visit my friend Carlo and meet his family and friends. We then headed to Bergamo in mainland Italy via ferry ride to Livorno. While in Northern Italy, we visited many places. Pisa, Reggio Nell 'Emilia, Venice, and Verona to name a few. We then headed down to Rome via train for a few days. It was then time for me to depart Italy and fly onto Belgium to visit my brother, Chris. I enjoyed every part of the trip and was fortunate enough to have great tour guides, thanks to Carlo and Chris. I also had the pleasure of meeting a lot of wonderful people while there who were all very welcoming and kind. Here are some pictures and movies from my trip. Enjoy! It miss it already...time to start planning my next trip. :-)


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